Alliston Lab

Luke Campos

Bachelor of Science, Cell and Molecular Biology, San Francisco State University, 2018

Jean Luke completed his bachelor’s degree in Cell and Molecular Biology in 2018 at San Francisco State University after transferring from Skyline College. During his undergraduate studies, he primarily worked with the budding yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Using budding yeast, he helped develop an in vivo method for measuring pH within the yeast vacuole. Through this method and a 3D modeling algorithm, he helped characterize the relationship between vacuole morphology and pH. For this work, he was awarded the NIH MARC - USTAR in Spring 2017, to fund him through the summer and academic year. Jean Luke started his Ph.D. at the Developmental and Stem Cell Biology Program at UCSF in 2018 and joined the Alliston Lab in June 2019. Outside of lab, Jean Luke enjoys pulling plastic at indoor climbing gyms, hiking and volunteering at scientific outreach events such as the Bay Area Science Festival and the Maker’s Faire.

Research Interests
• Organelle Biology
• Bone remodeling
• Aging

Favorite Skill Toy

jeanluke.campos [at]