Alliston Lab

Jihee Yoon

Bachelor of Science, Biological Sciences, University of the Pacific, 2018
Minor, Chemistry, University of the Pacific, 2018

Jihee graduated from University of the Pacific’s Accelerated Dental Program in 2018. During her undergraduate, she mapped the interaction surface of beta-amyloid proteins using a knob-socket model and designed polypeptides to inhibit amyloid interactions as potential therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease. She also worked on characterizing proteins in spider silks that provide them with exceptional tensile strength and using the information to produce synthetic silk fibers, which could be used as biomaterials for medical and military applications. During this time, she was drawn to how basic biological sciences can be linked to clinical relevance for directly helping patients in needs, solidifying her desire to become a clinician-scientist. Jihee joined the Alliston lab as a DDS/PhD student in June 2019 with an interest in musculoskeletal diseases. Outside of the lab, she is an avid swimmer and snowboarder, a violinist, and a cooking aficionado who loves experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

Research Interests
• TMJ-osteoarthritis
• Molecular mechanisms of bone remodeling and bone quality

Favorite Golf Club

jihee.yoon [at]